“A pioneer primary market digital tool for commercial paper issuance“


Glofs (Global Funding System) is a digital system for the management of Commercial Paper programmes, created by PKF Attest Capital Markets AV.

Glofs allows for a direct and agile reception and transmission of orders for Commercial Paper trades, both in international and domestic markets.

The system simplifies, digitalises, and automates most of the manual processes involved in the issuance of this instrument, optimizing the way CPs are handled, and allowing issuers and investors to access this market efficiently, reducing costs and minimizing operational risk.

Its functionality includes:

  • Display of indicative primary CP issuance levels.
  • Reverse inquiries tools, allowing investors to directly transmit their demand and inquiries to their active issuers.
  • Detailed information and analysis of the outstanding and closed trades, including functionalities as portfolio valuation or liquidity requests.
  • Market analytics, price benchmarking and market activity monitoring.