PKF Attest Capital Markets, together with Euronext Dublin, held a webinar on the development of Commercial Paper and its advantages as a funding tool for Corporates.

Commercial Paper is an efficient, cost competitive, stable and recurrent short term funding tool, that is widely used by large corporates throughout Europe. The number of European companies using ECPs is growing fast, and an increasing number of Italian companies are considering it.

In the webinar, together with BRED Banque Populaire and Equita, we analysed the instrument, the market conditions, and the French and Spanish experiences as a proxy for Italian corporates.

Commercial Paper has proved its resilience with the Covid-19 crisis, showing a V-recovery in terms of volume and with issuing prices on pre-Covid levels. It should be highlighted as well, the development of institutional support through Central Banks, supporting European corporate issuers.

Click on THIS LINK to view the Webinar recording.

Source: Euronext